Welcome to Gary World

15 01 2012

Hi there. I’m Gary. Welcome to my blog aka my personal experiment in cross-species communication. If you like intelligent cats who speak their minds, then you’ve come to the right place.

I plan to use this venue as an outlet for my insights and observations.  I may post some of my poetry here, too.  I’ll also include lots of photos of myself because let’s face it, who doesn’t like cute cat pictures?

What you won’t find here is poor grammar.  I mean, what’s up with that “I can has” stuff anyway?  As for what else you will find here…well, stick around and find out.  Fair warning, everything is black and white with me.

I’m Gary.  I’m a cat. Welcome to my world.




5 responses

16 01 2012
Erin OBryan(Ozzy)

Hi Gary, I’m Ozzy, my human’s name is Erin, she’s typing for me. I’m interested in making new friends but I’m currently in a relationship with myself…I’m that cute.

16 01 2012

Love it Gary! I bookmarked your blog.
I await your stealthy adventures!

17 01 2012

Hi Ozzy, Nice to meet you. (and thanks for typing, Erin).

Hey there Roxanne. Not sure about stealthy. But adventures, for sure!

18 01 2012

Hey, Gary! You are one cool cat to have your own blog. I guess your owner Robin decided that you deserved your own cat forum. Now you don’t have to compete with recipes for the attention of your adoring public 🙂

18 01 2012

Hi Carole, Having my own blog was actually my idea. I definitely needed my own forum!

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