On Napping

18 01 2012

I’d like to clear up a misunderstanding some people have about cats and their napping habits. Sure, it may seem like we sleep a lot, but it’s not because we’re “lazy furballs.” Oh no.  Cat naps are serious business.  And they can be hard work, too.

While there are those times when a nap is, indeed, just a nap, there are lots of other reasons why a cat may be napping.  Speaking for myself, when I may appear to be snoozing my day away, I may actually be:

  • Just resting my eyes.
  • Pretending to be asleep to hear what’s being said about me.
  • Getting some mandatory beauty sleep.
  • Thinking about having a snack.
  • Planning my schedule for the next 24 hours.
  • Meditating.
  • Plotting how to take down the nefarious “cat dancer” toy once and for all.
  • Reflecting on how grateful I am to be safe and warm with people who love me.

Just thought you should know that there’s often more to a cat nap than meets the eye.




7 responses

18 01 2012

Well said, Gary. Thanks for pointing out the details of how naps are a complex activity.

18 01 2012

Thank you, Carolyn. I’m glad you found this post helpful in your understanding of cat naps.

18 01 2012

Thank you Gary for clearing that up. I often wondered why Kimmie and Durn (my kitties) slept so much.

18 01 2012

And I just wanted to say what a handsome kitty you are. You are very photogenic =^ ^=

18 01 2012

Happy to clear that up for you, Shannon. Give my regards to Kimmie and Durn. And thanks for the compliments — it makes me purr!

20 01 2012

My cat Smokey, doesn’t like taking long naps like you, he takes them in small increments so he doesn’t miss anything that goes on in the house!
He has to keep tabs on Rocky and Suzy and LaPoo, and he gets so jealous when we give attention to anybody else, so much that he comes up on our laps and interrupts us!
But I don’t mind, I give him lots of loving because he LOVES it!

20 01 2012

Smokey sounds like my kind of cat. (I’m glad you give him lots of love!)

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