Habits of a Highly Effective Cat: #2

26 01 2012

Habit #2:

“When life gives you kibble, make Kibble Pate en Croute with a Catnip Reduction Sauce.”

(That’s what I get for living with a chef!)



7 responses

26 01 2012
Mr Bumpy

Gary, are you the cat in the picture? You look so much like me – I even have the black spot on my nose! Could you possibly have been from a litter in Brisbane? Are we twins!

27 01 2012

That sounds amazing ! My Mom loves your Moms books/recipes. My Dad always seems excited when my Mom tells him Gary’s Moms recipe for dinner.

27 01 2012

Mr Bumpy, Yes, that is indeed me in all the photos! You certainly sound like an extremely handsome cat, if I do say so. Doubtful that we’re related though. I was born in Virginia Beach VA. It is nice to think I have a twin somewhere, though!

Birgit, All I can say is that cooking metaphors are invevitable living in this house! 😉

27 01 2012

I adore that picture of you, Gary! You are so handsome, and I can tell that you are thinking Deep Thoughts.

27 01 2012

Thank you Carolyn. I love it when people tell me I’m handsome. You’re right, I am thinking Deep Thoughts. I’m almost always thinking Deep Thoughts.

3 02 2012

Sounds fancy!
❤ Susan

3 02 2012

Of course I’m speaking figuratively, but yes, I imagine that would be quite a fancy dish indeed!

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