29 01 2012

I had every intention of spending the afternoon writing a penetrating new blog post.  But then the sun came out.

One thing you can say about cats — we have our priorities in order.

(BTW, the diminutive tuxedo cat on the left is Mitzki.)




8 responses

29 01 2012

Well said !

30 01 2012

Thanks, Birgit!

29 01 2012

So glad to see that you and Mitzki had a productive afternoon. Getting sunshine is very important.

30 01 2012

Yes, very productive, Carolyn. Catching those rays of sunshine in the winter is no simple task.

30 01 2012

Keep it up Gary…we enjoy learning from you.

30 01 2012

Thanks, Pat. I needed that.

3 02 2012

Looks wonderful and warm there.
❤ Susan

3 02 2012

Yes, Susan, it’s usually warm in that spot for a few hours each day when the sun is out. We tend to follow the sun around the house, napping in whatever patch it makes in the different rooms.

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