Stoned Again

30 01 2012

On Catnip

Catnip.  I can take it or leave it.

Usually I leave it only after I take it.

It’s just recreational — no kind of crutch.

Though sometimes I like it a little too much.




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30 01 2012

Hehehehe! I made my kitties some catnip mice a few days ago and they love them. I also sprinkled some on the floor and they still roll around in the spot that it was sprinkled on even though I have vacuumed the area since then. Hehehehe. it was supposed to be the “strongest catnip ever”…Want to know my supplier? XD

30 01 2012

Do tell…

30 01 2012

Hey Gary… *hug*
I have a picture in my Facebook album o f ten ‘stoned’ cats….lol

30 01 2012

*hug* back atcha!

30 01 2012

Well, we all need our treats, Gary. Food treats and catnip treats (or wine for me). Enjoy in moderation!

31 01 2012

I shall, Carolyn. And you do the same!

30 01 2012
Mr Bumpy

Mum still hasn’t replaced my catnip plants. (Someone rolled in the old ones until they were squashed and died. I don’t know who did that – probably the dog.)

31 01 2012

Mr. Bumpy, I feel certain it was the dog. Dogs are like that.

3 02 2012

Another wonderful poem.
My little Gizmo used to love catnip, but she would just sniff and lick and rub on her catnip toys, it didn’t make her run around or be crazy. She just got very relaxed and happy from it.
Dim Sim likes to sniff it a little bit too. It’s too hard to know if Sahara likes it, she will play like a crazy kitty with anything!
Does it make you go crazy? Or do you appreciate it in a gentler fashion?
❤ Susan

3 02 2012

Thank you Susan. I’m glad you like my poem. Catnip doesn’t make me go crazy. It makes me more cerebral and also relaxed. Sometimes it gives me the munchies.

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