Gary’s Tail Tip of the Day

29 02 2012

Today’s Tail Tip: 

Let sleeping cats lie.  Noises, loud talking, even gratuitous belly rubs while a cat is in repose can interrupt dreams.  Very important dreams.


just thought you should know…




6 responses

29 02 2012
Peggy Moniz

(in a whisper) Thank you for this very important advice.

29 02 2012

You’re welcome (and thank you for keeping your voice down!)

29 02 2012

SHHHHHH! I am sleeping too….

29 02 2012

I had to share this with my Mom right away! She just does not understand that belly rubs are a disruption. Coming from “Gary” she may finally believe it. Thanks, your grateful pal and fellow tuxedo boy, Oreo.

29 02 2012

In my best library voice: I’ll try to remember this Gary, but it is hard to resist a little belly rub (with a light touch of course) when I see a cute sleeping kitty.

29 02 2012

My dearest Gary, of course this is excellent advice from your point of view. However, I find myself powerless to resist the urge to bury my face in a sleeping kitty’s fur, or cover their heads with kisses, or hold their little paws. At the very least to curl up next to them and wrap my arms around the,. I am under the thrall of kitties. What’s a girl to do?
Susan ❤

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