Thinking Inside the Box

5 04 2012


As a cat who usually thinks outside the box, I thought I’d shake things up and try thinking inside the box.

Change is good.





6 responses

5 04 2012
Peggy Moniz

This is a very thoughtful photo of you!

5 04 2012

Thank you Peggy. I’m a very thoughtful cat, you know. As in, thinking lots of thoughts, not as in “being thoughtful” — although I can be that, too, sometimes!

6 04 2012

Boxes and cats are a great combination. Inside or out. Glad to hear that you are embracing change, Gary.

9 04 2012

I think the whole cats and boxes thing may be in the genes. It’s like “see a box: jump inside.” This revelation came to me while I was thinking inside the box!

19 04 2012

How did I miss commenting on this post, Gary. That is a very handsome photo of you (though they all are). My girls like boxes too. And those reusable grocery bags – do you like them?

20 04 2012

Thank you Susan. A post without a comment from you is like a day without sunshine!

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