Important Announcement

17 04 2012

So what’s so important?  Why, new catnip toys, of course.

I’m thrilled to announce that recently received two brand new handmade catnip toys.

 (Thanks, Aunt Jannette!) 

Now, this may not seem like a big deal to you, but believe me, in Gary World, this is like winning the lottery.

Well, not quite.  But you get the idea.







5 responses

17 04 2012

Thanks for sharing your important news, Gary. You are one lucky cat! Enjoy your new toys!

17 04 2012

Thanks, yogacat. I know how lucky I am. And I’m REALLY enjoying my new toys!

18 04 2012

Why I know just what you mean. I myself just received a new cat nip mouse. Guilt present after my Mom left me to go on vacation.

19 04 2012

That is exciting indeed! I hope you enjoy them a lot.
I like catnip too, even though I am not a cat, but the smell of it makes me feel calmer.

20 04 2012

I love bags of all kinds — even more than boxes, I think. Although it may be a tie.

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