They Say It’s My Birthday

7 05 2012

According to legend, I was (probably)  born sometime in May (probably) in the year 2002.  That will make me 10 years old this year.  Quite the milestone, eh?  At our house, my birthday is always celebrated on Mother’s Day — a nice idea, though a bit sentimental, don’t you think?

If I could be granted one wish for my birthday, it would be that all animals could be free to live their lives, and never go hungry, and never be abused in any way.  And that they could know love.  If only wishing could make it so!

Of course I wouldn’t be a cat if I didn’t also want something for myself.  I was thinking it might be quite nice to have my own garçonnière (like the one below) where I could go to take my naps and think deep thoughts, and mostly get away from Mitski.


Most likely, however, I’ll probably just get more stupid cat toys like these:


But I also know I’ll be getting lots of love.  And that’s what’s really important.  Who needs a garçonnière, anyway?





10 responses

7 05 2012
Peggy Moniz

Gary, I am honored to share a birthday month with you! Happy Birthday Handsome! I share your birthday wish with you and that garçonnière would be good too.

8 05 2012

Thanks Peggy. Happy Birthday to you too!

7 05 2012

Happy 10th birthday, Gary.
I really hope you get your wish – it’s pretty much the same as what I wish, too. Stay gorgeous. Matt

8 05 2012

Thanks Matt. If only wishing could make it so!

8 05 2012

Happy Birthday Gary!
I didn’t know what a garçonnière was, thanks for including a photo, I think that would be a great present! May your wishes come true.
P.S. You are right love is the best part ❤

8 05 2012
Oreo & Birgit

This is Oreo somehow it posted under my Dads name. Stupid since I am the one here typing while he is sounds asleep.

8 05 2012

Hi Oreo! Sometimes I wish humans slept as much as cats do so we could get more computer time!

8 05 2012

Because I know they will be given with love, I’ll even enjoy the stupid cat toys!

28 05 2012

To my most handsome Gary,
While I wished you happy birthday via twitter, I have not had a chance to get on the interwebs to visit your post (these exams I’m studying for have rudely interrupted my blog reading over the last few months).
Ten is a very important birthday, and I hope you did have a wonderful day!
I love your birthday wish for the animals, I wish it could be so too!
Maybe one day I will be able to bring you a stupid cat toy!
Until then, I shall periodically remind Robin on Twitter that you would like a garçonnière.
Love Susa

28 05 2012

Thank you Susan. I appreciate your kind thoughts. I would like to meet you one day, even if you bring me a stupid cat toy. Good luck with your exams! xo Gary

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