Cat Nap

3 08 2012

As a cat, I’m expected to sleep at least 16 hours per day.  That’s quite a responsibility, and a good chunk of time, especially when you factor in all the other things that are expected of me in each 24-hour period.  Among my duties is posting an occasional musing on this blog.  Admittedly, this particular duty is a self-imposed, but one that I take very seriously nonetheless. Some days, it comes down to making a choice between taking a nap or cobbling together a blog post.  I must admit that, given such a choice, a nap is going to win every time.  Which reminds me, it’s about time for me to go back to sleep.  See you in my dreams!



4 responses

3 08 2012
Oreo & Birgit

Well said and with that in mind I am going back to napping too.

4 08 2012

It’s a tough job, Oreo, but we gotta do what we gotta do!

3 08 2012

Gary–I love reading your blog and that new picture of you is a winner! In addition to your napping, I’m sure you need time for eating and grooming and inspecting new things around your home. So I appreciate your making time to post an update today. Sweet dreams my friend!

4 08 2012

Thanks, Carolyn. You’re so right. You really “get” me! 🙂

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