Big Plans for the Big Game

3 02 2012

Mitzki and I have big plans for Super Bowl Sunday.  It will be exactly the same as EVERY Sunday and look approximately like this:



Just sign me….

Not into football

Guest Post by Mr. Pibb

2 02 2012

My name is Mr. Pibb and as you may have surmised from my photo, I’m a groundhog.  As today is Groundhog Day, I’ve been afforded the opportunity to speak my mind in this guest post by the esteemed cat, Gary, who lives in a house on my property.

I have been delegated by my fellow groundhogs (also known as woodchucks and whistle-pigs) to say that Groundhog Day is preposterous. It’s an insult to groundhogs everywhere, to whom every day is groundhog day.  Like a lot of human intrusions in the animal world, Groundhog Day is an invasion of privacy.  Were I an attorney, I’m sure I could come up with a list of charges against those who so brazenly force groundhogs to participate in such mockery.  But I’m not an attorney — and I’m not a weather forecaster either, and neither are my fellow groundhogs.  I declare that it is time to bring this farce to an end.

That’s all I have to say.  Thank you Gary for allowing me a forum to speak my mind.  I’m going back into my burrow now.  Enjoy the rest of the winter…all six weeks of it.

Stoned Again

30 01 2012

On Catnip

Catnip.  I can take it or leave it.

Usually I leave it only after I take it.

It’s just recreational — no kind of crutch.

Though sometimes I like it a little too much.



29 01 2012

I had every intention of spending the afternoon writing a penetrating new blog post.  But then the sun came out.

One thing you can say about cats — we have our priorities in order.

(BTW, the diminutive tuxedo cat on the left is Mitzki.)


Habits of a Highly Effective Cat: #2

26 01 2012

Habit #2:

“When life gives you kibble, make Kibble Pate en Croute with a Catnip Reduction Sauce.”

(That’s what I get for living with a chef!)

Precious Green Thing

23 01 2012

Happy Monday, everyone.  What better way to start the week than with a poem?

Precious Green Thing

A treasure so wondrous, it must be hidden,

Safe from prying eyes.

Precious prize, symbol of mystery.

So one with the stars.  So under the couch.

No  plastic ring from a bottle, I vouch.

Habits of a Highly Effective Cat: #1

21 01 2012

Habit #1:

Always look at things another way.

(this is my all-purpose problem-solving tool.  it can help in more situations than you might think. try it.)