Gary’s Tail Tip of the Day

29 02 2012

Today’s Tail Tip: 

Let sleeping cats lie.  Noises, loud talking, even gratuitous belly rubs while a cat is in repose can interrupt dreams.  Very important dreams.


just thought you should know…


Happy Valentines Day!

14 02 2012

I’m not much into Valentine’s Day, but I love Valentine’s Day balloons!  I want to take this day of love to thank all my readers for being so warm and friendly to me on my first foray into social media.  You make me feel welcome.

I’m sad to report that I’ll be on a bit of a hiatus for awhile.  Tomorrow, I must have surgery and I don’t know how long I’ll feel under the weather.  I just wanted you to know that I didn’t abandon my post here!  Just taking some time off….

Please think good thoughts for me during my surgery tomorrow!



Big Plans for the Big Game

3 02 2012

Mitzki and I have big plans for Super Bowl Sunday.  It will be exactly the same as EVERY Sunday and look approximately like this:



Just sign me….

Not into football

Stoned Again

30 01 2012

On Catnip

Catnip.  I can take it or leave it.

Usually I leave it only after I take it.

It’s just recreational — no kind of crutch.

Though sometimes I like it a little too much.



29 01 2012

I had every intention of spending the afternoon writing a penetrating new blog post.  But then the sun came out.

One thing you can say about cats — we have our priorities in order.

(BTW, the diminutive tuxedo cat on the left is Mitzki.)


Habits of a Highly Effective Cat: #2

26 01 2012

Habit #2:

“When life gives you kibble, make Kibble Pate en Croute with a Catnip Reduction Sauce.”

(That’s what I get for living with a chef!)

Precious Green Thing

23 01 2012

Happy Monday, everyone.  What better way to start the week than with a poem?

Precious Green Thing

A treasure so wondrous, it must be hidden,

Safe from prying eyes.

Precious prize, symbol of mystery.

So one with the stars.  So under the couch.

No  plastic ring from a bottle, I vouch.