My Pet Peeve

7 02 2012


This is Mitzki.  Supposedly, she is my “companion animal” but to me she is quite simply my “pet peeve.”  It’s not that I don’t like her, we just don’t have much in common.  She doesn’t know how to play the games I like to play and won’t let me teach her.  She always wants to eat my dinner, even though she has her own. And she’s always grabbing the best patches of sun for her naps.  How can someone so little be so bossy?

Anyway, ever since she found out that I let Mr. Pibb (the groundhog) write a guest post on my blog last week, she’s been whining that SHE wants to do a guest post, too.  But Mitzki, I tell her, you don’t know how to communicate in English, much less type.  But she has been relentless, and so I now hand over the keyboard to Mitzki, just to shut her up:

         r4b98j30gkm148(F %&*(bomfgpq[/]\zx

Okay, that’s enough.  Gary here again.  See what I mean?  She has no clue!  Totally unintelligible!  Oh well, maybe now she’ll quit pestering me…



Guest Post by Mr. Pibb

2 02 2012

My name is Mr. Pibb and as you may have surmised from my photo, I’m a groundhog.  As today is Groundhog Day, I’ve been afforded the opportunity to speak my mind in this guest post by the esteemed cat, Gary, who lives in a house on my property.

I have been delegated by my fellow groundhogs (also known as woodchucks and whistle-pigs) to say that Groundhog Day is preposterous. It’s an insult to groundhogs everywhere, to whom every day is groundhog day.  Like a lot of human intrusions in the animal world, Groundhog Day is an invasion of privacy.  Were I an attorney, I’m sure I could come up with a list of charges against those who so brazenly force groundhogs to participate in such mockery.  But I’m not an attorney — and I’m not a weather forecaster either, and neither are my fellow groundhogs.  I declare that it is time to bring this farce to an end.

That’s all I have to say.  Thank you Gary for allowing me a forum to speak my mind.  I’m going back into my burrow now.  Enjoy the rest of the winter…all six weeks of it.